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CMC Group's (AI) Translation Platform, ATOM KNOWLEDGE, is deployed to reproduce your technical documents into multiple languages so that they can be read and understood accurately. ("ATOM" is an abbreviation of "Automated Translation Oriented by Minna-no-honyaku.") The ATOM KNOWLEDGE system goes beyond just simple word translation to ensure that translations are understandable by audiences in the target region. ATOM KNOWLEDGE operates using a secure server; no confidential information is never uploaded to a non-secure server. This system specializes in translating industry-specific terminology used and supports patent translation requirements.

Six Key Features

What to expect.

High-Performance Translation AI

ATOM KNOWLEDGE uses "Minna no Jido-Honyaku (Machine translation for everyone) @ TexTra" as its translation engine. This is a highly accurate automatic translation engine based on the latest machine translation and AI research.

Support for Patent Translations

Apart from general-purpose engines, which you can use for general documents, manuals, and papers, we have a specialized patent translation engine.

File Translations

ATOM KNOWLEDGE supports the translation of PDF and Office formats (Word, Excel, Powerpoint).

Editing Content

The translation results are displayed on the right and left sides. You can edit them on the spot. You can do the editing immediately after translation so that you can translate it without delay.

Translation Memory

ATOM KNOWLEDGE can use translation memories (TMX and CSV formats) to store translation content.

Quality Check

By importing a glossary (TBX and CSV format) in advance, you can refer to the terms when editing. It supports the correct use of terminology. It also checks for "numerical errors" that often occur in machine translation. It supports the quality check of the texts.

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